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Our Technology

You will find our jewelry curated with utmost perfection and detail. This has been made possible by the leading-edge technology we employ at our facility to create each jewelry piece.

Our Designs

You will find the State of the art jewelry designs that your customers will appreciate. These designs are backed up by continuous market research of the prevailing trends, that helps our designers.

Our Clientele

We’ve successfully served clients for all their jewelry requirements from across the globe with our expertise and the most extensive variety of sterling silver gemstone jewelry.


Our Uniqueness

We employ an in-house process to create our jewelry, right from sourcing the raw materials until they are converted to the most sought after jewelry pieces. This is why we take absolute responsibility for the quality of our jewelry. Each stage that a raw gemstone crosses to become a better version of itself, and to get a step closer to becoming the perfect jewelry, everything happens under one roof.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the best in class jewelry approachable to every jewelry retailer who aims to serve his clients with quality. We want their business to flourish in the best and the most unique way possible. Hence, we aim to provide jewelry that is for everyone. We aim to create masterpieces with contemporary designs to maintain a satisfied clientele.

Our Vision

We see ourselves as a renowned online gemstone jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. Having a presence online opens up the possibilities for more jewelry retailers to partner with us. We deal in a variety of more than a hundred gemstones to serve every jewelry business type at all scales. When we look to the future, we see Rananjay Exports as the name known for passion, integrity, fairness, and the best jewelry.